is a collaboration between the following projects and organizations, each studying some aspect of religion using the tools of computer modeling and simulation:

• The Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion (IBCSR)

• The Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC) 

• Your organization here…


Each contributing organization contributes content related to their own projects, including blog posts, project updates, publications, and, in the future, possibly even open-source simulation code for sharing with other researchers. Content must be relevant specifically to modeling and simulation as applied to some aspect of religion, culture, or social cognition.


With this collaborative effort, we hope to create an active nexus for researchers at the forefront of what we believe will be a swiftly growing field. Many empirical and theoretical questions in the study of religion, cultural evolution, and related topics are not directly amenable to traditional empirical tests, for obvious reasons: it’s very difficult to go back in time and watch human cognition evolving in social settings. Thus, we anticipate that the tools of agent-based and system dynamics modeling will be increasingly crucial for holding up important ideas in the scientific study of religious phenomena for scrutiny. As this field grows, connections between research labs and institutes will be vital for fostering the interchange of ideas, producing networks of collaborators, and establishing the groundwork for continued research. We hope that can play an important role in building that connectivity.